Dreams are shaped by past week's events rather than childhood trauma

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London, Jan 1 (UNI) Dreams are much more likely to be shaped by events of the past week than a childhood trauma, a new research reveals.

The study claims that although dreams are bizarre and otherworldly, they are as likely to be moulded by mundane, humdrum and everyday activities as by life-changing events.

Robert Stickgold, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School's Centre for Sleep and Cognition, believes that dreams give profound insights into the mind's workings.

An online survey's findings did not fit with the psychoanalytic/Freudian presumption that early life experiences were a primary source of dream content.

In fact, they were much more likely to be shaped by events of the past week. ''Overall, mundane, unimportant events were as likely to be identified as more significant life events-- a TV commercial they had seen, or something boring that a friend said to them,'' said Dr Erin Wamsley.

Indeed, even among these recent events, we failed to dwell on the most interesting in our dreams. ''Contrary to the folk-psychological belief that we dream only of the most important events in our lives, the memory sources identified by participants were not necessarily events of any significance to the dreamer,'' Dr Wamsley explained.

The findings showed that dreams are never exact replays of a conscious experience. Instead, we take real-life events as a source for our fantasies.

The study also revealed that older people are more likely to have disturbed sleep, and thus remember their dreams.


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