Shilpa confirms she and Kundra an item

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London, Dec 30 (UNI) Actress Shilpa Shetty has confirmed that she and Britain-based NRI entrepreneur Raj Kundra are an item, her first romance since she appeared on reality TV show Big Brother.

In a candid interview to The Mail on Sunday, the actress revealed that the new relationship has transformed her life, bringing a long period of loneliness to an end.

''I am dating somebody. I have known him for some time but I have only just started to know him better. I hope he will be the one but I don't want to say too much because it is still very early on in our relationship,'' said a coy Shilpa.

The London-born entrepreneur is claimed to have made a fortune with jewellery and film businesses in Britain and India.

''He respects and understands what I do and it is nice to be cared for. I have been very lonely for a very long time and it is nice to know I have somebody to look forward to seeing at the end of the day. At last I feel normal,'' she said.

Kundra's ex-wife Kavita has publicly accused Shilpa of helping break up their marriage. She claimed her husband had become so obsessed with Shilpa that reconciliation was impossible, and even that they had started an affair.

However, Shilpa denied this, saying, ''I was really upset by what she said. She knew very well that I didn't even know her husband when she walked out on him. I didn't even know him when I went into Big Brother. I have known him for about only six months, which was four months after his wife had left home and he had already got a divorce by then.'' Raj and Shilpa were first seen publicly at the London launch of her perfume, S2, in June. They were together again at the IIFA awards held in Leeds.


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