Less exposure to sunlight raises cancer risk

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London, Dec 24 (UNI) People from sunburnt countries are less exposed to the risk of lung cancer than those with fewer hours of sun, researchers suggest.

A vast study involving rates of the disease in 111 countries, reported that lung cancer led to deaths of over a million people every year around the globe.

The experts looked at the association between latitude, exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) light, and rates of lung cancer across several continents.

The amount of UVB light increased with proximity to the equator.

And the analyses showed that lung cancer rates were highest in those countries furthest away from the equator and lowest in those nearest.

The amount of cloud cover and aerosol use and cigarette smoking, were also taken into account.

International databases, including those of the World Health Organisation, and national health statistics maintained that smoking was the main cause of lung cancer found in 75 to 85 per cent of the cases.

Higher cloud cover and airborne aerosol levels were also associated with higher rates of the disease.

In men, the prevalence of smoking was associated with higher lung cancer rates, while greater exposure to UVB light was associated with lower rates.

Among women, cigarette smoking, total cloud cover, and airborne aerosols were associated with higher rates of lung cancer, while greater exposure to UVB light was associated with lower rates.

It has been proven that Vitamin D can halt tumour growth by promoting the factors responsible for cell death in the body.


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