Corruption free India, key to better future: Khera

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New Delhi, Dec 24 (UNI) If your mother had cancer, would you let her die? Our motherland has the cancer of corruption - what are we waiting for?, asked Shiv Khera in a session organised by Josh, an NGO, here.

A celebrated author, Mr Khera, who is also an International Educator and the founder of Qualified Learning System Inc (US) and the Country First (India), a non-profit organisation, has written books like You can Win and Living with Honour.

One Laxmi Narayan, a school teacher who had come to attend the session described Mr Khera as a ''global citizen, educator, writer and a filmaker who is an organisation in himself.'' Addressing a gathering of about 600 people yesterday, Mr Khera stated ''every nation writes its own autobiography by the action or inaction of its concerned citizens.'' Two documentaries by Mr Khera, namely, ''Freedom is not free'' and ''Jati chodo Bharat Jodo'' (leave casteism, unite India) were also showcased in the session. The films,an eyeopener, showed the vulnerable reality the country and its people are facing.

Revealing how people of a corrupt society are practising illegal things to accomplish legal ones, it showed how, drugs worth Rs 4000 crores are pirated every year in the country. Besides, the films also raised alarm on the reason behind 50 per cent IITians leaving our country and 90 per cent of them never returning back.

The educator believes in life management and placing human rights higher than the laws of the country. He dreams of driving corruption out of the country with the creation of concerned and educated citizens.

''The virus of corruption is slowly eating our nation and only educated Indians can stop it,'' Mr Khera told UNI.

He asked ''In a country where an honest citizen is afraid of their government, police and judicial system, would you call it freedom or terrorism?'' The writer emphasised that freedom is an integral part and should be enjoyed by all. ''Journalist do not give us the freedom of speech, but the soldiers give the journalists the freedom to exercise the freedom of speech.'' The session threw light on the need to break the system of reservation and it urged the people ''to be one and make one.'' It said poverty leads to backwardness, other than that, all other 'so called' backward classes are forward.

Adding to it he said the people of the counrty should attach pride and dignity to the tag ''Made in India''.

Dressed in elegant black tweet coat, Mr Khera critised the traitors of the country by saying '' Whites (Britishers) had to leave India as they could easily be differentiated due to physical traits but what about the Britishers in Black skin? Who will recognise them?'' Mr Khera made the audience realise the true meaning of a responsible citizen. He warned ''If injustice is happening to your neighbour and you can sleep. Wait for your turn. You are NEXT.'' UNI

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