Maut ka saudagar ya Messiah of Gujarat?

Written by: Nishitha Mohandas
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" I am proud that I am a human and I am a Hindu" Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi, the most powerful name in current Indian political scenerio is once again in lime light as Gujarat Assembly verdict is out. From an ordinary RSS Pracharack to Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modi's life is worth observation and analysis. It was not an easy journey for Chhotte Sardar...

Every moment of Gujarat's CM is planned and focussed on the goals he wanted to achieve. Narendra Modi joined RSS in 1974 and is believed to be the first Pracharack who crossed the Lakshman Rekha- occupying an influential position in BJP. He became the Party National Secretary in 1995 of 5 states where BJP had strong holds. In Oct 2001 he became the CM of Gujarat for the first time. In this small span of 14 year political career Narendra Modi has travelled extensively and acquired vast knowledge in life which helped him to develop a global perspective.

Gujarat was ravaged with earthquake when Modi took over as CM. Rising like a pheonix it soon emerged as the first state to acquire a GDP rate of 10 per cent.

The is no doubt that Gujarat under Modi became an industrially developed state. But this Industrial Gujarat was moving from the rural Gujarat. On one side there was development but at the same time there was deterioration of human life. The rift between Rural Guj and Urban Guj was widening...The state was hovering on communal anarchy...

British played effectively the Divide and Rule policy which resulted in formation of India and Pak... also the people as Hindus and Muslims. Likewise, Modi also succeeded in playing the Communal card and still the people of Gujarat are bearing the brunt.

He turned every controversy to his favour be it 2002 Godhra carnage or Sohrabuddin Fake encounter... On 27th Feb 2002, fire broke out in one of the coaches of Sabarmati Express right after it left Godhra railway station. Majority of the people in the coach was Karsavaks / Hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhya... Within one hour, Modi alleged that the incident was pre planned and done by Muslims..Thanks to him, there was a massive communal riot which claimed over thousand innocent lives. Muslim were the most effected, they were literally thrown out from their homes. Still the flames of communalism lit by Modi continues to burn Gujarat. Muslims are considered second class citizens in the state. Still a mjority of the Muslims are living in relief centres opened after the riots.

Many of the wealthy muslims has moved out of the State in fear of life. As an aftermath of the riots, there were calls for Modi to resign as Chief Minister of Gujarat. The Opposition parties stalled the national parliament over the issue. Narendra Modi submitted his resignation to the Governor and recommended the dissolution of the 10th Gujarat Legislative Assembly. In the subsequent elections, the BJP led by Modi, won the elections by a huge margin in Dec 2002.

Narendra Modi is obessed with his public image and has carefully crafted a sartorial style and guestures to suit his public persona. We never know when the Tech savy CM of Gujarat plays his developmental agenda or Communal card. In the begining of 2007 election campaign we saw Modi boasting his achievements claming Gujarat is the number one State in the country. The people of Guj are really hard working . Its true that it is the one of the most economically most advanced states in India. But disparities are also growing. In past five years more than 500 farmers committed suicide in Gujarat.

Modi claims that he brought Naramada water to every village of Gujarat. But many villages in Saurashtra region still do not have proper drinking water facility. Water is still a mirage for many in Gujarat.

He even turned the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case in his favour. "You tell me what should have been done to Sohrabuddin? What should be done with a man who stored arms and ammunition? asked Narendra Modi during his election rally to the crowd. 'Kill him, Kill him' shouted people. Barabar Chhe. Do I have to take Sonia Gandhi's permission for it?, asked Modi".

Whatever be the case, Modi has clear message to offer. The Jeetega Gujarat has one message. Modi is BJP, He is Gujarat, He is Hindutva, He is development, He is all in all of Gujarat. And once again the Moditva grace has proved right in Gujarat. BJP has won with clear margin in 2007 state assembly polls. The people of Gujarat have voted for development and good governance of "my government," is what Modi told media in his victory speech.

''Gali gali mein naara hai, Aaj Gujarat, kal Delhi hamaara hai. One country, one people, one leader is Narendra Modi.'' Moditva continues!!!>

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