Elderly more vulnerable to dehydration: Study

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Melbourne, Dec 19 (UNI) Elderly people should ensure that they are drinking enough water as according to a recent study they are at risk of dying from dehydration.

Australian researchers have found that the mid cingulate ortex, a region of the brain responsible for making people drink, does not function properly in the elderly. And, this makes them vulnerable to dehydration.

People feel thirsty when the brain give signals through a dry mouth and change in blood concentration. After drinking enough water, the mid cingulate cortex stops signalling.

However, in the case of elderly the stage comes too early.

Reiterating it, Howard Florey Institute's Associate Professor Gary Egan said, ''They don't adequately rehydrate after becoming thirsty, even though they become just as thirsty.'' Dehydration occurs rapidly in extreme heat and leads to symptoms like headaches, lethargy and hallucinations. In extreme cases, death can also happen, the Courier Mail reported here.

''Particularly in the extremely hot days, people need to be more attentive to their own needs in terms of rehydration,'' Prof Egan emphasised.

It is suggested that adults should drink about eight glasses of water each day to prevent such cases.


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