Bhutto accuses govt of broad poll-rigging plan

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Islamabad, Dec 17: Pakistan People's Party Chairperson Benazir Bhutto has accused the government of making a broad poll-rigging plan, but reiterated that her party would foil it with the support of the masses on January 8, the day of election.

''We can stop the way of the undemocratic forces only when the masses will make use-- rather, the correct use-- of their votes in the forthcoming elections to make the real democratic forces successful,'' she said while talking to mediapersons at the Quetta airport last evening.

Ms Bhutto said she had come to Balochistan to kick off her party's election campaign, adding that political parties should not boycott the elections, as it would only help the undemocratic forces by leaving the field open for them.

She said the nationalist parties had the right to take part in the polls, adding that it was their own decision whether to participate or not.

''But what we do feel is that boycotting the elections is tantamount to further deepening the political crisis,'' she said in reference to All Parties Democratic Alliance's (APDM) decision not to participate in polls.

The APDM comprises leading political, religious and nationalist parties except PPP and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

PML(N) parted ways with the alliance last week after announcing to contest the polls.

''Under the given circumstances, we believe that the political forces should not stay away from the electoral process,'' The News quoted her as saying.

''The people are our source of power and we would face the non-political and undemocratic forces with this power,'' she added.

Regarding terrorism, she said, ''We strongly condemn terrorism wherever it may take place, because violence is not good for the country and the world.'' She said the people would have to recognise threats to the country and foil them, adding no one would be allowed to play with the fate of the people.

The PPP chairperson said the faulty policies of the rulers had made the country a ''failed state'' where political parties, judiciary and democratic institutions, including Parliament, were weakened.

She said once elected to power, her party would end the atmosphere of chaos and fear, develop hope among the people, provide employment to them and take every possible measure to provide basic facilities to them.


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