Eyes speak....now they can unlock!

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Melbourne, Dec 15 (UNI) Eyes speak volumes and it is not easy to escape the spell of the magic they create. And, don't get surprised if they help you unlock your home, access bank account and log on to your computer.

According to a recent research, conducted by Queensland University of Technology researcher Sammy Phang, this is possible with iris scanning technology.

The pattern of an iris is like a fingerprint which is unique in itself. Even the iris pattern of the left eye is different from the right and this iris pattern is fixed throughout a person's lifetime, the Science Daily reported.

However, this iris recognition systems, being used in a number of civilian applications, is not perfect as changes in lighting conditions change a person's pupil size and distort the iris pattern.

''If the pupil size is very different, the distortion of the iris pattern can be significant, and makes it hard for the iris recognition system to work properly, '' the researcher mentioned.

But, to overcome this obstacle, Ms Phang has developed the technology to estimate the effect of the change in the iris pattern happening due to changes in surrounding lighting conditions.

''It is possible for a pupil to change in size from 0.8mm to 8mm, depending on lighting conditions. By using a high-speed camera which can capture up to 1200 images per second, it is possible to track the iris surface's movements to study how the iris pattern changes depending on the variation of pupil sizes caused by the light,'' she apprised.

On the basis of the tests, it was found that the change on the surface of the iris could be estimated.

''Preliminary image similarity comparisons between the actual iris image and the estimated iris image based on this study suggest that this can possibly improve iris verification performance,'' Ms Phang noted.


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