Falling in love is good for health: study

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London, Dec 12 (UNI) Being in 'love' can have lasting benefits on health, according to a new research.

Thr study published in the International Journal of sychophysiology shows that falling in love induces a calming effect on the body and mind.

It also raises levels of Nerve Growth Factor for about a year.

This hormone-like substance helps to restore the nervous system and improves memory by triggering the growth of new brain cells.

It is associated with the feeling of being ''loved-up'' and contented, inducing a calming effect on the body and mind.

Unfortunately, researchers found levels dropped after about a year, the point at which feelings of romantic love fall away and reality kicks in, the Independent reported.

The team of international researchers also found that anger adversely affects one's health. As the irritation mounts, one can feel the blood pressure rising.

And that's exactly what is happening to the body when during an argument. The effects, it seems, can be lasting.

In the week after the irritating incident, one just need to think about the argument and the blood pressure will rise again.

So if you've recently experienced a dispute, a seething irritation or a simple frustration, you could be best off forgetting about it.

They also found the negative affects of jealousy on health.

While men typically become jealous when they suspect sexual competition, women's jealousy is triggered by the suspicion of emotional betrayal.

''Jealousy is a complex emotional mix of fear, stress and anger,'' said Dr Jane Flemming, one of the researchers.

'' These three states trigger the fight-or-flight response, usually in quite an intense way. Someone in the grip of jealousy will suffer raised blood pressure, heart-rate and adrenalin levels, weakened immunity, anxiety and probably insomnia , ''Dr Flemmimg added.


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