'Communists are using democracy to crush people's voices' : Rajnat

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New Delhi, Dec 10 (UNI) Holding the Communist rulers responsible for indulging in gross human rights violations around the world, BJP President Rajnath Singh today accused the Indian Communists of using the democratic instrument in West Bengal and Kerala states to stifle people's voices in the states where they ruled.

Addressing partymen after launching a photo exhibition titled 'Violence in Kerala' to commemorate ''Human Rights day'' at BJP Headquarters, Mr Singh said the intolerance was deep-rooted among the Communist rulers be it Russia, China and Eastern Europe and they never tolerated any deviation. While most of the Human Rights violations were hidden under the wraps, it required a Krushchev to unmask the violence of Stalinist era in which millions were trampled by the rulers of China and Russia.

Same was the case of Communists in Kerala and West Bengal where the communists ascended to power through a democratic vote. The Left was in power in Bengal for the last three decades uninterrupted and was a virtual ruling party in Kerala on and off.

The Communists true to their traditional image did not tolerate any ideological deviations and put down any opposition with an iron hand and the BJP and RSS men faced the brunt in its bastion Cannanore and adjoining areas right from the 50s.

Honouring 14 maimed BJP men facing the wrath of Communists, the BJP President declared that the intention of organising the event was to unmask the real face of the Left parties and the trail left behind by the orgy of violence for everyone to see in the Capital.

After Nandigram violence, people and Left sympathisers have now realised the kind of forces they were supporting hitherto.

In Delhi these forces were posing themselves as saviours of opressed sections but in West Bengal and Kerala it required deeper probe to understand the roots of their violent behaviour because the media in the capital was either ignorant of these parties or just overlooked it on purpose. He also paid Rs 25,000 to the partymen sustaining violence and announced that the party would bear all the medical expenses of their treatment in the Capital.

Mr Sadanandan Master, an RSS worker who lost both his limbs in the attack by the ruling party goons said when the first attack took place against a poor tailor with RSS background many in the RSS did not believe that the Communists were doing it to send a signal to the non-Communists. Over the years there had been 150 RSS/BJP men killed and thousands were injured or maimed. They gave special thrashings to those who were once their party cadres as a lesson for deserting the Left, he said.

Mr Balbir Punj, incharge of the BJP affairs in Kerala, Mr Chandan Mitra, Editor of Pioneer, Kerala State BJP President P K Krishnadas and party Vice President V Muraleedharan also spoke on the occassion.


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