Men should eat more meat to get rid of tummy fat: study

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Sydney, Dec 9 (UNI) Tired of exercising to get rid of that pot belly! Here is an easy way-- Eat more of red meat as it can help you shed those extra pounds on your tummy.

A diet rich in protien like red meat can help overweight men shed layers of dangerous tummy fat, a new Australian study has found.

The findings from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) study suggest high protein intake effectively strips abdominal weight, but opponents of the diet say eating extra meat comes with its own risk, cancelling out the benefits, the Age reported.

The study compared a diet high in protein, red meat and fibre with one high in carbohydrate and fibre.

Trials on more than 100 overweight and obese men found that both diets led to similar weight losses.

However, the high protein diet was more effective at reducing abdominal fat levels.

''Abdominal fat is a key risk factor for men for a range of diseases including colorectal and other cancers,'' CSIRO dietitian Dr Manny Noakes said.

''The results also show that a range of indicators of bowel, kidney and bone health showed no difference between the high protein diet and the high carbohydrate diet, '' Dr Noakes added However, opponents of this new way of loosing weight warned that such diet was a double-edged sword.

''You need to balance any short term effects on abdominal fat with the long term risk of increasing the risk of cancer,'' Dr Stanton, an independent nutritionist explained the harmful affect of taking meat rich diet.


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