Get attractive to grab a good job package

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Washington, Dec 8 (UNI) Want a good job package ? Tone yourself to look attactive as your charming spell can promise you a good pay than the average looking applicants.

According to a research , Job applicants who are attractive get better job packages offered than average looking interviewees, the Science Daily reported today.

''When someone is viewed as attractive, they are often assumed to have a number of positive social traits and greater intelligence,'' the researchers said.

''This is known as the 'halo effect' and it has previously been shown to affect the outcome of job interviews, '' they added.

Study authors Carl Senior and Michael J R Butler of Aston University in Birmingham found that female interviewers were found to allocate attractive looking male interviewees more high status job packages than average looking men.

Average looking men also received lower status job packages than average looking women. Male interviewers did not differ in the number of high or low status job packages that were given to attractive looking interviewees of either sex, though the male interviewers gave out more low status job packages overall, irrespective of the sex of the interviewee, the researchers found.


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