Chimps beat humans in terms of intelligence

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London, Dec 6 (UNI) In an astonishing revealation, scientists have revealed that chimpanzees are more intelligent than human beings.

In short-term memory tests involving numbers flashed on a computer screen, five-year-old apes beat human adults in mental agility and memory exercises.

A Japanese research showed that chimps might take the place of humans at the top of the intellectual tree, the Daily Mail reported.

The findings raise a moral dilemma by putting a question mark on the way these animals are treated by locking them in zoos and laboratories, or more so by killing and eating them.

However, some scientists rejected the findings by saying that the research only unearthed a new and hitherto unsuspected ability of animals. It does not raise doubts about human intelligence.

''In reality, there is still no way we can consider ourselves to be less intelligent than the chimpanzee; this was simply one test, and it is not clear how much this sort of short-term 'photographic' memory equates with what we call 'intelligence' anyway,'' quipped a scientist.


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