Accenture sees enhanced business in multi-polar world

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New Delhi, Dec 5 (UNI) Global consulting form Accenture today said it is looking at gettings its retail, consumer goods, financial markets and government consulting services into the country to enable a broader based practice around India.

''As India market matures and companies become bigger and the multi-polar world creating new opportunities for businesses, opening up new market places, new locations and new ways of doing business Indian companies will bump into issues alien to them,'' said company Group Chief Executive (Management Consulting&Integrated Markets) Mark Foster.

Since 1990, the developing world's share of the global economy has leapt from 39 per cent to 49 per cent.

Accenture generates 35 per cent of its business from the US, Asia Pacific 10 per cent, while Eurpoe and Latin America contributes the largest in terms of its business.

Mr Foster said going ahead ''we see Asian business going up and we will essentially go where our clients go.'' If companies are engaged in the emerging markets, you will find us along with them and if India and Asian companies are growing we will grow with them.

The key challenge for Accenture will be how it handles a possible wider economic downturn.

Mr Foster said Accenture is better positioned than in the last downturn (2001-2002) when outsourcing accounted for only 15 per cent of overall revenues (today it is over 40 per cent).

He added many of its projects are large, multi-year transformational programmes that are far from discretionary spending that can be cut quickly or easily.

Accenture's client base is sufficiently diversified - both geographically, with two-thirds of its business generated outside the US, and in industries that remain stable during unsettled economic times, he said.

''We have no crystal ball to foretell how the downtrun may or may not be, but we are very thought ful in building our businesses.

In most cases it will mean an oppurtunity for additional business from our clients as they will see how to respond to the issue,'' Mr Foster said.

However, there can be no doubt that when the tide turns and IT customers start cutting budgets, Accenture's consulting and SI business is going to be affected as it still does a substantial portion of smaller, more discretionary projects, a proportion of which clients will have to cost optimise to reach a tighter spending limits.

For Mr Foster even if a more austere period is to follow, getting acess and retaining the best talents with the motivation to work remains the ultimate challenge for Accenture.


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