RRP deletes 'constitutional monarchy' from party statute

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Kathmandu, Dec 2 (UNI) The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), also known as the party of the royalists, has formally decided to delete the term 'constitutional monarchy' from its party statute and all other party documents.

The Nepali Congress, the oldest and biggest democratic party of the Himalayan nation, has already abandoned the provision of constitutional monarchy from its party statute for a republic.

'' The central committee has erased the term 'constitutional monarchy' from the party constitution, but the national convention will take the final decision,'' Parsuram Khapung, RPP spokesman, said while talking to the media.

The decision will be announced before the General Convention to be held next week in Kathmandu.

'' As per today's decision, the party has formally disconnected itself from any kind of monarchy'', senior party leader Khem Raj Pundit said.

The RPP, led by Pashupati Shumsher JB Rana, related to the Scindia family in India, has not said whether it would go for a republic during the coming election.

With the decision of the RPP, all major political parties represented in the parliament have also decided to head the same way. These political parties, including the Nepali Congress, have declared they would go for the abolition of the monarchy and seek the establishment of a democratic republic system in the Himalayan nation, which has been ruled by a monarchy for over 239 years.

Once a symbol of national unity, the monarchy declined in popularity following the royal palace massacre and King Gyanendra's dictatorial ambition and sacking of elected government two times since he ascended the throne in 2001.

The monarchy now remains suspended and its link with the army disconnected. The prime minister has been handed the responsibility of the head of state until elections are held and a new constitution written.


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