Nandigram people's struggle "heroic" : Clark

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Kolkata, Nov 30 (UNI) Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark today termed as ''heroic'' the Nandigram people's struggle against the state government's land acquisition and said it would inspire the struggling people everywhere against the capitalist-imperialist offensive.

After visiting strife-torn Nandigram, Mr Clark described the alleged torture as ''barbaric and unacceptable'' and compared the ruling Left Front's policy with that of US President George Bush.

'' Both the Front and the Bush administration are protecting the multinationals interests and exploiting the poor people, '' he stated.

'' The name of Nandigram has become synonymous with people's battle against imperialist economic attack, '' he iterated.

. The ruling party's cadre sealed off the area and killed the Nandigram villagers, ransacked their homes, raped the women and driving the residents of almost whole villages from their homes for recapturing the area and the police stood as ineffective bystanders during the carnage, he said.

'' The CPI(M) has been following a policy of offering special concessions to the multinationals and Indian monopolists and is acquiring the land for them by forcibly ousting the peasants, '' Mr Clark averred.

He alleged that scores of people were still in relief camps without proper shelter, food and medical help.

'' We are saluting the peasants of Nandigram for setting an example of uncompromising fight against state and the party-sponsored attack, and the newly-formed International Anti-imperialist and People's Solidary Coordinating Committee(IAPSCC) is expressing full solidarity with their struggle, '' he asserted.


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