Have a younger looking skin without moisturisers!

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London, Nov 30 (UNI) Want a younger looking baby-like skin without using beauty products? Then, here's a news for you that a single gene can make this miracle happen.

In a recent study it was found that the gene NF-kappa-B could be blocked and skin could be rejuvenated. Thus, ageing can be reversed temporarily.

''These findings suggest that ageing is not just a result of wear and tear, but is also the consequence of a continually active genetic program that might be blocked for improving human health,'' the researcher, Dr Howard Chang of the Stanford School of Medicine in California, said.

However, it is not clear that for how long this rejuvenating process can last. Moreover, there are many other factors that affect the ageing process.

Besides, it is suspected that tinkering with NF-kappa-B could be hazardous in long run as the protein made by the gene has roles in a number of body functions including the immune system, and may help fight cancer.

''You might get a longer life-span but at the expense of something else,'' the Daily Telegraph quoted Dr Chang as warning.

But, he expressed hope that the research ''might yield short-term treatments to improve wound healing or boost organ function during illness.'' The research has been conducted on two-year-old mice and it was concluded that ''aged skin can be rejuvenated by a genetic intervention.'' UNI

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