Left says Lok Sabha debate vindicated its stand on N-deal

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New Delhi, Nov 29 (UNI) Undeterred by the Samjawadi Party's (SP) vacillating stand on the Indo-US Nuclear deal in the Lok Sabha debate, the Left parties today claimed the majority view was against the Pact and the government should not go ahead with the deal.

Giving a detailed analysis of the speeches by 29 members on the issue, they said a clear majority termed the proposed deal as ''against the national interest'' and even the allied parties expressed concerns over the intentions of the US imperialism.

Talking to UNI, the top Left leaders said the government must take into account the majority view, uphold highest traditions of democracy and should not proceed with the execution of the deal.

CPI(M) general secretary A B Bardhan and national secretary Shamim Faizi said RJD's Ramkirpal Singh Yadav, who began with the observation that the deal was in the interest of the nation, concluded by reaffirming his party's commitment to ''fight evil designs of the US imperalism''.

CPI(M) Floor leaders Basudeb Acharia and Rup Chand Pal, who initiated the debate, said, ''With the BJP, the Left, the BSP and RJD, the Shiv Sena and others categorically demonstrating opposition to the deal, no one should be left in doubt as to which side has the edge.'' ''Certainly we have the edge,'' they added.

Although the Leader of the Opposition L K Advani tried to conceal his approval for a strategic partnership with the US, his other colleagues in the NDA, brought in other issues like economic viability of the nuclear energy, Mr Bardhan said.

Mr Faizi, who is also the party's weekly New Age editor, said, ''The Left of course puts up its principled opposition to the deal on economic and politicial grounds. It raised the question of economy of nuclear energy, its impact on indeginous technology like Thorium-based programme and country's independent foreign policy.'' The CPI leaders said they also made a strong case for the ability of the government '' to resist pressure in our economic sphere. The parties in the Third Front, including the SP, stuck to their opposition but joined the course for a Joint Parlimanetary Committee to go into the deal before it was implemented,'' they added.

Most of the Independent MPs, who spoke in opposition to the deal, termed it as a ''sell out'' to the US, the CPI leaders said.

CPI(M) Deputy leader Salim Mohammad, however, said the majority of the MPs had expressed their doubts, reservations and apprehensions on the deal. The government must take these views into account, and maintain the glorious tradition of the House and resist from implementing the deal.

Mr Acharia reiterated his demand that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should now be guided by the ''sense of the House'' and should not proceed further keeping in view the majority against the Pact.

The CPI(M) leaders, however, agreed with External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee's assertion that the ''process had yet not completed'' as the current negotiations with the IAEA were on.

On Mr Mukherjee's statement that the government would come to Parliament at every stage, the CPI(M) leaders said this was what they had been demanding that the House's view be taken into account.

Atomic Energy Commission chief negotiator with IAEA Anil Kakodkar is currently in Vienna to explore the possibility of India specific safeguards incorporating the assurance of uninterrupted nuclear supply, right to create strategic reserves and acceptance of its separate plans.


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