Films on difficult political situation by Israeli directors

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Panaji, Nov 28 (UNI) Dror Sabo and Oded Davidoff, directors of Israeli films ' No Exit' and 'Someone to Run With', respectively, screened at the International film festival of India (IFFI) today said their films reflected the difficult political situations being faced by the people of the country.

' No Exit' is about the TV reality shows and 'Someone to Run With' is based on the bestseller of David Grossman, that tells a story of maturation and love spiced with suspense and adventure set in the backdrop of the city of Jerusalem, which is always in turbulence.' Addressing a press conference they said though their films don't talk about politics, viewers can easily see how the charcaters have been influenced by the political situation prevailing in the country.

''Though war was not actually taking place in Jerusalem, but it was like a war zone you always feel there was going to be a war, and I shot my film in such a situation, which was bound to reflect in the characters,'' said Daviddoff.

''In Israel, people flock to reality shows not to experience reality but to live for a while a different life, to relieve themselves from the tension of their situation,'' said Sabo.

The film directors said the film industry was very small in Israel as it was just a country of six million people. ''All film projects are government funded, as the private sector does not want to invest in films because there was not enough market for any profits.

''The country produces just 1o to 20 films in a year, so you can well understand the scale of our industry, and the reason why private sector was unwilling to take up this venture,'' Davidoff later told UNI.

He said he wanted to make a film in India and about India, and hoped that someday he would suceed in it. Replying to a question, he said he had seen several India movies as a kid, beacuse his mother was an Iraqi and very fond of Indian films.

''Your films have very engrossing tales, superb music and are rich in colours,'' said Daviddroff.

Davidoff said , Someone to Run With' was his second feature film, and his first film 'Clean sweep' was a big success and was screened at film festivals worldwide.

'No Exit is' Sabo's first feature film. He belongs to the field of Television.


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