Cells have an 'inner world' : Scientist

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Hyderabad, Nov 26 (UNI) Dr Judith Klumperman, Head of the Cell Microscopy Center, University Medical Center, Ultrecht, the Netherlands, today said ''Cells also have an inner world, which is divided into seperate compartments and the organelles having their own specific function''.

Delivering 20th Foundation Day Lecture of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) on '' the Inner world of the Cell: Beauty, Function and Impact'', Ms Judith said 'cells are fundamental units of independent life. Many cells together form a tissue, which is the basis of organs of the human body'.

''The cell has a very specific and sophisticated system to identify and target proteins to their right location in the Cell'', she said, adding Cell biology was the science that studies how this inner world of the cells functions.

''This is important since many human diseases are based on a defect in cellular functioning'', the Scientist explained.


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