Acidic galaxies discovered ouside Milky Way

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Washington, Nov 24 (UNI) For the first time, 'acidic galaxies' have been observed oustide the milky way , solving the mystery of the genesis of Universe to a little extent.

Astronomer Floris van der Tak from the Space Research Organisation Netherlands (SRON) discovered the acidic particulte clouds with the help of James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, located on Hawaii, on two nearby Milky Way galaxies and his dicovery could contribute in solving the mystery of planets and stars formation.

However, the astronomers have to wait a little to find out if these acidic clouds can result in such formations as the earlier belief suggests that acidification inhibits the formation of stars and planets in the dust clouds, Science Daily reported.

''The quantity of charged molecules in the dust cloud appears to have an inhibitory effect, these ensure that the magnetic fields can exert a greater influence on the cloud, as a result of which the entire cloud becomes agitated and the star-forming process is disrupted.'' says Van der Tak.

''Amazingly, what causes these acid water molecules to be present in both Milky Way galaxies is completely different'', Van der Tak added.

The discovery will be helpful in answering questions like why are planets and stars formed at some locations in the universe and not at others? What are the conditions for star and planet formation? How does this process start and when does it stop? UNI

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