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Tirupati, Nov 24: Stock markets are unpredictable. It's bearish a second and bullish the other. But for R Vishnu Sathyanarayana Iyer, a Chennaiite settled in Hyderabad, the fluctuations in the market really don't matter. He just mints money using his own formula.

Mr Iyer had claimed to have developed a novel formula that steer the investors through a safe path, protecting their investments and giving them handful returns.

''Anyone using the 'model formula' can make profits in the stock markets. Even the common man, who is keeping way from stocks fearing loss, can earn money using the new model formula,'' he claimed.

He said the formula was developed based on the real trading data.

The formula had been applied and so far it had turned out success.

''I have applied for a patent for the model. Nobody has so far developed a trading formula like this,'' Mr Iyer claimed.

To educate the public and disseminate information about the new formula, he said he had launched a website 'www.uniquewinwinmodel.com'.

''Following a standoff with SEBI, which had refused to accept the model. I have made a open offer to market participants that I am ready to demonstrate the efficiency of the trading model before an expert committee,'' he said.

On the 'damaging' articles against his trading model, published in a section of the media, he said ''the article is highly defamatory and baseless. It was published without knowing the real factors of the trading model.''


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