Shekhar Kapur's 'Elizabeth-The Golden Age' to release on Nov 23

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Mumbai, Nov 16 (UNI) Shekhar Kapur's ''Elizabeth-The Golden Age'' will be released in India by Paramount Films on November 23.

Undeterred by murmurs of protests against the film that it seeks to divide the Catholics and Protestants, Kapur said history and art were a matter of interpretation.

Addressing a press conference here to announce the India release of his film, Shekhar Kapur said the film was about the conflict between divinity and being a human being. ''In the last film, 'Elizabeth' (1998), the Queen declares that she is divine and virgin. The second part is more of a mythical film,'' he said.

He described the movie as a gripping historical saga which is laced with treachery and romance.

The film stars Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush along with Clive Owen. It recites the thrilling tale of a woman's crusade set in the 16th century to control love, crush enemies and secure her position as a beloved icon of the western world.

''Elizabeth-The Golden Age'' commences a decade after the period covered in ''Elizabeth'' and examines the glorious middle years of her rule. On a political level, the film explores Elizabeth's conflict with Phillip II of Spain, who as the ruler of his own catholic empire with the considerable backing of the Church in Rome, not to mention the might of the ruthless inquisition, was regarded as the most powerful man in the world. Religiously devout, he had sworn to blanket the world in catholicism, whatever the cost.

He said, ''Elizabeth-The Golden Age'' looked beyond the political conflicts to deal with Elizabeth as a woman, inwardly conflicted while on her voyage from mortality to divinity. At the heart of this is the exploration of a triangular relationship among Elizabeth, soldier Sir Walter Raleigh and her favourite lady-in-waiting Bess Throckmorton.

When asked whether the film would work in India, Kapur said ''Elizabeth-The Golden Age'' was a visual delight and expressed confidence that the audience would like it. ''I will suggest to Paramount Films to dub the film in Hindi and Tamil,'' he added.

He added that he was planning a third film on Elizabeth which will explore whether after declaring herself immortal and divine, Elizabeth can face death.


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