Sengupta lambasts WB govt for Nandigram firing and violence

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New Delhi, Nov 16 (UNI) Former Lok Sabha MP from West Bengal Nitesh Sengupta today lambasted the state government for its failure to stop the influx of armed militia of the CPI(M) in the troubled areas of Nandigram and Khejuri, which led to killings, rapes amd lootings.

Talking to newsmen on the issue here Dr Sengupta said " it is matter of shame for the government of West Bengal that it totally failed to check the sudden influx of armed militants to enter the troubled areas of Nandigram and Khejuri and for the 'so called' recapture of the CPI(M)'s lost ground in the area due to the large scale revolt in the party's own rank and file following the issue of a land accuisition notification by the Haldia Development Authority (HDA) for the setting up of a chemical hub in that area. '' He said the government should accept that it was either an intelligence failure or administrative failure or they had directed the state police not to intervene till the area was recaptured.

Surprisingly, it had happened in such a manner that one has to accept that whatever happened in Nandigram and Khejuri was within the knowledge of the state government and also the reason why the CRPF were not allowed to enter the area by the "Red Brigade".

He said the CRPF were allowed to enter when the ruling party was sure that the entire region was totally recaptured.

He said it was the same CPI(M) government that had advised the then P V Narasimha Rao government at the Centre to impose article 355 in Ayodhya for sending central forces for protecting the disputed structure. Whereas, in this case they never thought of imposing the article 355 or 356 for protecting Nandigram area, Dr Sengupta added.

He said the state government had charged the Maoists with being responsible for the attacks.

He compared it with US attack on Iraq following American President George W Bush's charge that Iraq was engaged in the production of "Weapons of Mass destruction".


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