Sikh Holy Book installation day observed

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New Delhi, Nov 15 (UNI) Coinciding with installation of 'Guru Granth Sahib' as "Living Sikh Guru" on this day 300 years, theologians, academicians and writers today reiterated that the holy book presents unity of the mankind and rules out any discrimination among human beings with distinction in race, colour, religious faith and gender. "The holy book unequivocally lays down that there is one and only one God, also referred as an Absolute Truth, a Super Power and a 'Mover of the Moved' who created the Universe and permeates in His Creation", said former UGC chairman and former Vice-Chancellor Dr Amrik Singh at an interaction this afternoon.

During the interaction organised on "Sri Guru Granth Sahib: A Repository of Global Consciousness'' at Guru Gobind College of Commerce, University of Delhi, he said, the holy book saw that there was no basic difference among the human beings sharing a common origin and ancestry and all were equal. And consideration about the people being high and low, upper caste and low caste, super race and inferior race -- all were man-made social superstructures over a period with absolutely no concrete basis to support such discriminations.

Commerce College Principal Dr Jaspal Singh, also a former Indian diplomat, said the Sikh thought believed in plurality of the World and Indian society as well with fullest accommodation and respect for the followers of other faiths. It negated the caste system and ordained the worship 'Nirakaar' - a formless, immortal, all prevading ower that caused and was causing a self-generating universal process.

Dr Singh said 'Guru Granth Sahib' embodied the Indian religious thought of 'Nirguna genre' as professed and propogated by several Sufi saints of Medieval period covering a wide spectrum of Indian cultural diversity and geographical areas.

Unfortunately, the Sikh thought was not fully comprehended even by Indian intellectuals otherwise, the holy book carrying the 'bani'(religious writings) of Kabir, Naamdev, Ravidass, Jai Dev, Baba Farid and several other Indian religious personalities would not have made the target of attack during the November 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi and other places.

Several other academicians including Dr Maheep Singh, Dr Mohinder Kaur Gill, Prof Vishwanath Tripathi, Prof Bikram Singh also participated in the interaction.

Dr. Dominic Emmanuel, Khawaja Hasan Sani Nizami of Dargah Hazrat Nizammuddin Aulia were also present during the discussion.

Thousands of Sikhs today assembled at the Gurdwaras here and participated in the recitation of 'Mool-Mantar' as part of their paying obeisance to the installtion of Guru Granth as "Living Guru" at Nanded, Maharashtra, three centuries ago.


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