Behave or lose allowances, Chinese residents told

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BEIJING, Nov 15 (Reuters) A Chinese residential community has issued a list of acceptable behaviour for its inhabitants and is threatening to take away their allowances and subsidies if they don't comply, a newspaper said today.

Those targeted include ''people who swear, hit others, pick quarrels and disrespect elders ... violate the one-child policy or show other uncivilised behaviour'' the Beijing News reported, quoting the 20-point edict from the management of Weidujue Community in Jining, in the eastern province of Shandong.

Those who disobey risk losing their monthly individual livelihood allowance of 40 dollars In China, many residential communities operate under a ''danwei'', or ''work-unit'', system -- the old term for state-owned companies that provided cradle-to-grave employment, housing and medical treatment.

The newspaper did not say how the rules were enforced, but many people in China still live in communities run by their employers.

Since the new rules went into effect in January, there had only been five cases resulting in the loss of welfare subsidies -- and there had been a marked improvement in ''civilised behaviour'', the newspaper said.

Beijing has urged its citizens to cast off ugly habits and clean up their language as part of improving the city's image as it prepares to host the summer Olympics next year.


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