Mahakal: A belief beyond boundaries

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Ahmedabad, Nov 11 (UNI) Vaso, a small village in Kheda district of Gujarat, was cynosure of all eyes on 'Gujarati New Year Day'' as a well-known spiritualist and a devotee of Lord Mahakal (Shiva), affectionately called 'Dada'' by the villagers, was performing an unique ''Suvarna Bhirenj Mahotsav'' at his own temple.

The Mahotsav, first of its kind performed yesterday, was open for all, and there was a huge mound of prasad--100 kg of rice cooked in ghee with 40 kg of dryfruits, kesar and sugar and coated with a large sheet of Gold foil, for devotees, says Dada, a lean, bearded man in his mid-40's. A huge crowd waited in a long queue to partake the 'prasad'.

For Dada, the path to spirituality had come through a tortuous turn of events. He was born in a Patel family and was christened Yogendrabhai Babubhai Patel. His father late Babubhai was a 'Shroff' and was not known for any spirituality of a high order. Not having much of schooling, Patel decided to pursue a career as a fridge mechanic and subsequently set up his own service shop, which started flourishing.

However, one day, some 15 years ago, he felt a floating sensation and his body seemed to have lost all sensation. ''I felt I was walking on air and began having vision of Lord Mahakal and soon turned out to be a one to one discussion with the Lord,'' he remarked.

''Mahakal is the final destination. Beyond it nothing exists,'' Dada says adding that it was as if some supernatural power had seized him and was refusing to let him go. Though married and having a daughter, he became meditative and controlled his food habits that bordered on starvation.

''Whatever he says happens and when he remarks a particular incident will not occur, one need not worry as it does not happen,'' say villagers alluding to his 'Siddhi' powers.

His disciples come from far and near. Today, his Refrigerator shop is only a memory as a Temple stands on its place.


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