Performing daily chores can burn 50,000 calories a year : Study

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London, Nov 6 (UNI) Performing domestic chores can make a person burn as many as 50,000 calories anually, a study has revealed.

Researchers found people walk more than 22 miles a year while cleaning thier homes, equivalent of strolling the distance across the English Channel or completing 89 laps of an Olympic running track.

According to the study conducted on 3,000 Britons, housework gives them more of a workout than spending an hour a week at the gym.

Domestic chores were found to provide the same amount of exercise as spending 57 hours running at 8.5 miles an hour, or cycling 477 miles, Daily Mail reported.

Dr Gary O'Donovan, a lecturer in sport and exercise medicine at the University of Exeter, said, ''To prevent weight gain, most adults need to expend around 400 calories per day in physical activity, which is equivalent to around two hours of dusting and cleaning or 82 minutes of vacuuming and mopping.'' Former morning TV fitness guru Derrick Evans said, ''Any household activity is an exercise and that is good for everyone.'' So do your housework as often as you can, but make it fun by putting on your favourite music and go for it.


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