Healthboosting chocolate , 'Choxi+' hits British market

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London, Nov 5 (UNI) A new brand of chocolate, 'Choxi+', with healthboosting extra antioxidants was launched in Britain, giving another excuse to thousands of chocolate lovers to bite in more.

The product manufactured by the company 'Prestat' hit the market yesterday and is extra-rich in antioxidants - the natural compounds said to stave off everything from heart disease to cancer.

The company claims that two blocks a day of this terrific tasting chocolate can give all the health boost a person needs, and insists that it contains three times more antioxidants than other brands.

This new brand of chocolate contains more antioxidants than apples, broccoli, spinach, raisins, blueberries and raspberries, and is available in both dark and milk varieties with mint and orange flavours.

Seventy to seventy five grams bar of this chocolate would be a luxury as its price is 1.99 pounds, Daily Mail reported.

A spokesman for the manufacturing company 'Prestat' said the health benefits of Choxi+ ensures that no one need ever feel guilty about enjoying a few squares of chocolate again.

''It obviously contains quite a few calories - although you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that a whole 75g bar of Choxi+ milk chocolate contains 409 calories, while a bar of dark chocolate has only 356,'' the spokesman added.


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