Confer more rights and financial resources on states: Left

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New Delhi, Nov 5 (UNI) The Left parties today made a strong case for conferring more rights and financial resources on the states and contested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's perception on the coalition governments hindering the ''collective purpose'' of the states.

The top leaders of the CPI(M) and the CPI stressed that India can remain united only in a federal structure, while impressing on Dr Singh that the days of a single party rule were over and the coaltion government had become the order of the day in the country.

Their reaction to Dr Singh's observations on federalism came after he wondered whether a multi-party coalition government like the one he is heading was capable of providing the unity of purpose required to be demonstrated by the states.

CPI leaders A B Bardhan and Shamim Faizi maintained that it seemed that the Prime Minister had missed the basic parameteres of federal polity.

''India can remain united in a federal structure only. It has to provide representation to various ethinic, linguistic, religions and regional aspirations,'' the leaders noted.

CPI(M) veteran leader and Polit Bureau member M K Pandhe reminded Dr Singh that the ground politcal realities should leave no one in doubt that no single party, including the Congress, could come to power at the Centre on its own and that the strict implementation of the CMP was the only guarantee for smooth running of the government.

On Dr Singh's comment that ''regional, sectional loyalities and ideologies'' was coming in the way of national vision and collective purpose, the CPI leaders said ''it was the reason that fathers of the Constitution opted for a federal Constitution as a unitary system could not relfect the diversity that India has.'' As far as the nuclear deal is concerned, the Prime Minister has mistaken the Left's approach as an ''ideological'' issue, the Left leaders said, adding that ''our opposition to the strategic partnership with the US is based on the national interest.'' Mr Faizi said Dr Singh should understand that those who fought for the country's indepedence from the British colonial rule, had visualised a sovereign nation. ''India's becoming US junior partner will not only affect our national independence, foreign policy but also have serious consequences on our economic independence and political sovereignity.'' Reacting to the Prime Minister's sugggestion to reflect on whether the single party state had advantages in managing the centre-state relations better as opposed to the multi-party system, Mr Faizi quipped, ''the dream of the Prime Minister of one party rule is not based on Indian reality.'' Mr Pandhe also stressed that Dr Singh's approach in this regard was ''totally unrealistic.'' The CPI(M) Polit Bureau member said as the coalition government had become the order of the day, the allies in the Manmohan Singh government and the supporting parties were asking for strict implementation of the CMP.

''The tension between the Congress and the Left has arisen only becuase the Congress is not implementing the CMP.'' The CPI leaders added that the coalition at the Centre had to reflect the aspirations and demands of the states.


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