Conservationists try hard to save blind baby black rhino

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London, Nov 4 (UNI) A British animal charity is spending thousands of pounds to save the life of a completely blind baby black rhino, an endangered species on earth.

The rhino named 'Max', is looked after by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which became famous after the BBC TV series 'The Elephant Diaries', at their project in Kenya.

Max was rejected by his mother because of blindeness and now conservationists are watching him 24 hours to ensure his survival.

He is fed 1800 ounces of expensive Lactogen milk daily, funded by a British Airways community programme.

A keeper sleeps in his enclosure and feeds him every four hours round the clock.

''It's very rare for a black rhino to be completely blind. In fact, we've never had one before,'' the Guardian quoted one of the volunteers ,Victor Matumah as saying.

'' Max underwent a cataract operation to try and regain sight in one eye, it was not sucessful. He will have another one in the other eye shortly,'' he added.

The population of this endangered animal is believed to be around 2,700 in the world. Their numbers have dropped by 96 per cent since 1970 due to poaching .


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