UK's overprotectiveness killing sense of adventure in kids:Report

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London, Oct 31 (UNI) Overzealous attempts to protect children from every possible risk in turn expose them to greater hazards like obesity and cyber pulling, a report has warned.

The damning report, about the ruling Labour party's ''cotton wool'' culture, said the trend was fuelling parental anxiety about the risks children face.

The report is compiled by academics after a 13-month inquiry.

Last year, 33 laws and more than 1,000 regulations were introduced by the Labour government in an attempt to make chidren safer. These include the Health Act, which introduced a smoking ban in pubs and clubs, and the Childcare Act, responsible for a ''nappy curriculum'' protecting newborns until they start school.

The Government was only reacting to public and media pressure rather than responding to evidence, it claimed.

The report said the most notable impact of governmental action has been to increase and heighten concern for children. The state was taking over, and individual responsibility was of a lesser order, it added.

It also accused women of making youngsters' avoid risk, saying they were more likely to molly-coddle them thereby preventing the development of resilience.

The study, by Brunel's Dr Nicola Madge and John Barker, added, ''Anecdotal evidence suggests that children tend to engage in more physical and possibly 'risky' activities when supervised by men than by women, and it is argued that children need men to help them overcome and manage risks.'' UNI

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