Global warming more dangerous for kids : report

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New York, Oct 30 (UNI) Global warming is likely to cause disproportionately more harm to the health of children than adults, a report has said.

In the first major report by the American Academy of Pediatrics about the unique effects of global warming on kids, the US pediatricians were advised to ''educate'' elected officials about the coming dangers.

The report's lead author Katherine Shea, a pediatrician and adjunct public health professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill said there was evidence to prove that children were likely to suffer more than adults from climate change.

''We already have change, and certain bad things are going to happen no matter what we do,'' Ms Shea was quoted as saying by USA today.

''But we can prevent things from getting even worse. We do not have the luxury of waiting,'' she added.

According to the report, more greenhouse gases and a warming earth will leave children particularly vulnerable in several ways.

Air pollution does more damage to children's lungs, causing asthma and respiratory ailments, because their lungs are still developing, they breathe at a higher rate than adults and are outdoors more, the report said, adding that Waterborne infections, which hit children especially hard will rise sharply with more rain, which is expected as the climate warms.

The report briefly mentioned about the mass migrations, which are expected as some regions will become uninhabitable over time.

''Children fare very poorly in these major population shifts,'' director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University and President of the Children's Health Fund Irwin Redlener said.

''They're more fragile medically and nutritionally,'' Mr Redlener said, adding that the childern were less resilient and less likely to survive.


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