Eat like caveman, live long

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Sydney, Oct 30 (UNI) Taking a diet of what our pre-historic ancestors had could be the simplest way of living healthy and long, a study reveals.

The message comes from anti-ageing campaigners, who in support of the study say that our genes haven't changed much in 200 million years so neither should our diet.

''Eating grass-fed meat, fish high in omega-3 and seasonal fruits and vegetables as our pre-historic ancestors did would keep people young and attractive'' St Kilda nutritionist Dr Tania Ash said in support of the study.

''It's a benefit of anti-ageing medicine that we probably undersell,'' she added.

''People probably look at more injectable methods rather than looking internally.'' Herald Sun reported Dr Tania as saying.

The anti-ageing diet also requires followers to drink only filtered or bottled water and eat seasonal berries. Wine in moderation is acceptable.

The former cosmetic physician, who was a speaker at the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine conference in Melbourne this week, believes it is a good way of avoiding plastic surgery.


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