Bihar: ''Youth turns into cobra'' in Nawada

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Nawada, Oct 28: Exposing their vulnerability to age-old superstitions even in the 21st century, the people of the Magar-vigaha locality of Nawada town beleive that a local youth has turned into a ''human-snake''.

According to the locals, Vijay Kumar, a 17 year-old youth, can replicate the tendencies of King Cobra, which has raised a hue and cry among the people.

They claimed that the youth, who was working at a local police camp as a cook, went through a typical experience of witnessing ''Nagmani'', which is beleived by the people to be a precious element found in the cobra and with which it never parts under any circumstances. They also beleive that if someone managed to possess the nagmani, he would turn wealthy overnight.

The locals claimed that the incident took place on the occassion of Mahanavmi during Navratra on October 20. Spotting the nagmani, the youth took it into his possession following which, he saw a king Cobra chasing him and started running for his life and cried for help. The snake was later killed by the police personnel.

However, the locals caimed that the female cobra had been influencing the youth and compelling him to behave like a cobra since the incident occured.

Local snake charmers, vaidyas and doctors also were called to help the youth but in vain.

''The moment the doctors and vaidyas confront the youth, he starts hissing like a cobra and tries to bite them resulting their refusal to continue with the treatment,'' they claimed.

Meanwhile, the incident had become a legend overnight and locals were recounting stories, associating the incident with ancient mythologies.


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