A larger, brighter moon on full moon night

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Chennai, Oct 25 (UNI) In a rare astronomical event, Moon, the natural satellite of Earth, today appeared about 12 per cent larger than the normal size and much more brighter all over the world as it came closer to earth.

Birla Planetarium Executive Director Dr Iyyamperumal told UNI here that normally when the moon comes closer to earth at a particular time, it would be crescent-shaped.

But the moon coming closer to earth on ''Pournima'' (full moon night) was a rare occurrence, he said.

He said this could be seen with naked eye and also through a telescope.

While going around the earth in an elliptical orbit, the moon, sometimes, comes closer--approximately about 3,56,000 km from earth--and sometimes goes farther--about 4,06,000 km. ''It keeps changing,'' he explained.

The moon takes 27.3 days to complete one orbit, he said.

When it comes closer to earth it would be crescent-shaped.


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