PM's remarks 'unbecoming': BJP

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New Delhi, Oct 19: Launching a counter attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his statements made on Oct 18 against the BJP, the party today said it was an ''unbecoming act by a powerless PM whose government was on a rapid downhill''.

BJP spokesman Ravishankar Prasad said Dr Singh began has career as a teacher, turned into a civil servant and was a late entrant to politics. ''His entry itself was more of an accident than by a design as was his elevation to the office of Prime ministership and convenience was his hallmark of his poltics and not 'conviction and commitment'. If the helpless PM can't exercise his authority in his Cabinet and the ruling coalition, he can't take it out on the BJP,'' he remarked.

Godhra riots as a 'holocaust'

Noting that the Prime Minister had described communal violence in Gujarat as a 'holocaust' forgetting that the state had experienced 44 communal riots under Congress before the Godhra triggered episode, he said the BJP would like to know how Dr Singh would describe the government sponsored anti-Sikh riots in 1984. ''Was it a 'holocaust, mass murder or a genocide?'' Mr Prasad asked. Dr Singh, himself a Sikh, held an important office but chose to maintain conspicuous silence, he added. What is shocking is that the CBI presided over by the PM had issued a clean chit to Mr Jagadish Tytler, a prime accused in the Sikh carnage, he said.

Sense of balance

He said the PM had lost his 'sense of balance' when he described Agra Summit breakdown as a 'fiasco' when the nation was hailing the uncompromising attitude of the NDA government against cross border terrorism. Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf, who was all along maintaining that his government was not sponsoring terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, had to accept in January 2004 that his government shall not permit any part of Pakistan for terrorist activities. Dr Singh, on his part, had frittered away this diplomatic success by describing Pakistan as a 'victim of terror', Mr Prasad contended. ''Who has committed the fiasco? the PM or the BJP'', he asked.

Sins of Congress

He said in the Kargil misadventure, India had retrieved every inch of land occupied by Pakistan soldiers. ''Was this the case during the Congress rule when the country lost its territories to Pakistan in its war in 1948 and to China in 1962 and these lands were still in the possesion of the aggressors. From JK to North-East to Sri Lanka, the country had witnessed patent sadistic communalism pandering to the vote bank politics and Dr Singh was ready to overlook the 'sins of Congress' through his 'selective amnesia','' Mr Prasad alleged.


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