I think it's been a pretty fantastic year: Anand

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New Delhi, Oct 16 (UNI) World champion Viswanathan Anand is amazed by the number of achievements he had this year, which includes apart from the World title, his win at Linares, becoming World No 1 and topping the ELO rating by crossing 2800 points ''Yes, it's funny this year that many things came together. I mean I won the Linares and became World Number 1 on the same day.

And then the World Championship and 2800 (points) the same day,'' Anand said.

''I think it's been a pretty fantastic year,'' he added.

Anand who won the second World Champion title last month, after a gap of seven years, said, ''If in January anyone would have told me that I am going to regain the World Title and become World No 1, and go back over 2800 the same year, I would never have believed the same.'' The 37-year-old Anand still feel like a teenager when he speaks to rival players who are in their twenties. ''Yes, I don't feel that old in chess terms, but they seem to have just plummeted in age - my rivals. But they are a regular bunch of guys and when I talk to them I feel like a teenager anyway.'' ''But there you have it - suddenly people tell me I am spotting them 10-15 years. But as long as you are physically fit and you are able to work hard, it's not a big problem. In chess it's going to be difficult to be a top player as a 50-year-old, but I still have got a (long) way to go there,'' Anand told CNN-IBN in an interview.

Vishy's rise in chess was meteoric. He won the National Sub-Junior Chess Championship in 1983 at the age of 14, and in the year 1988, he became India's first Grandmaster at the age of 18.

After coming near to winning the World Chess Champion title many times, Anand finally won it in the year 2000, defeating Alexei Shirov in the final, thereby becoming the first Indian to win that title.

The 'Lightning Kid', made a comeback again to win the World title on September 29 this year.

On his comeback, Anand said, ''Well, first of all I was very motivated - I mean I was motivated in St Louis also two years ago - but this time, I really felt matters were coming to a head and I had to grab this chance. And I took a couple of months off after May.'' ''I had one event in June, I managed to go for about four training camps and the net result was that I prepared lots of interesting ideas, and, this is important. When you have interesting stuff to play, then you look forward to the game and I think it's very important to get into that frame of mind. But I was also looking forward to the challenge. And sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't, so sort of everything clicked beautifully,'' he added.


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