Hoping against hope till death do them apart!

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Ferozabad, Oct 13 (UNI) A woman sitting crosslegged with her son in her lap. Her lap rocking for the whole night, ensuring that the child's 'forty winks' are not disrupted.

Nothing wrong with it and the scene seems like any ordinary one straight out of 'ordinary life'. Till you know there is nothing usual about it and the infant is deep in ''eternal slumber'' and mother is waiting for the inanimate body to come to life.

Sirsaganj town resident Krishna Kant Gupta's two-month-old son Dhruv had succumbed to pneumonia on October 9. Later, he was buried in a ground parallel to the Vankhandeshwar Temple.

The child's mother claimed ''at night, I dreamt that my child is alive''. Subsequently, yesterday, the family exhumed his body.'' Meanwhile, others in the family also claimed that the body was warm when it was disinterred.

However, the doctors, who were earlier treating the boy, visited the spot and pronounced him dead.

They said the body would start emanating a foul smell, if not buried by tonight.


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