Nandankanan Zoo initiates microchipping captive animals

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Bhubaneswar, Oct 7 (UNI) The Nandankana Zoo in Orissa today introduced a hi-tech mode of keepng track and taking better care of animals kept in captivity.

This arrangement has been made especially for five adult elephants and Pangolins of this Zoo, who were microchipped today.

Nandankanan Zoo Director Ajit Kumar Pattnaik said microchipping of captive animals of Nandankanan Zoological Park was initiated today on the occasion of the Elephant Day.

He said the next step would be to microchip all the lions living with pride at the Lion Safari. Such hi-tech methods would help the Park Authorities to track each and every animal and provide better medical treatment.

The park, he said, had undertaken a conservation breeding programme for Pangolins and the implantation of the microchip would be extremely useful for tracking these nocturnal and burrowing animals.

Microchips would also be used in conservation breeding of vultures as they do not show sexual dimorphism, Mr Pattnaik said.

The Nandankanan Zoo Director said these microchips had been particularly useful in the management of wild animals and birds bred in captivity where they live in herds, or in case of birds where sexual dimorphism is not there.

Each chip, he said has a number that becomes the ID number of the animal on which it is implanted. A microchip reader decodes the chip's encrypted ID and thus can be gets to know all rgw details regarding the animal.

The Microchip and the microchip readers were imported from the US through M/S Helpro India Limited. The zoo authority, Mr Pattnaik said, was planning to implant microchips in all such captive animals and birds of the zoo for better management.


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