Freescale intoduces ColdFire microprocessor

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Bangalore, Sept 28: Continuing to expand the range of price-performance options within its Controller Continuum, Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a ColdFire® microprocessor family designed to enable low-power, high-performance embedded systems running the Linux® operating system (OS).

Delivering 410 Dhrystone MIPS (DMIPS) core performance at approximately 380 mW, these latest ColdFire microprocessors are designed to be easy on the developer"s system power budget, while enabling exceptional system-level performance.

Freescale"s MCF5445x family includes 12 advanced microprocessors that integrate a rich set of connectivity peripherals. The MCF5445x devices include an on-chip memory management unit to support protected memory operating systems, such as the Linux OS. The MCF5445x family supports 10/100 Ethernet, USB On-The-Go (OTG), advanced technology attachment (ATA) and peripheral component interconnect (PCI), enabling easy integration of any PCI-based peripheral.

“Freescale has expanded its ColdFire MCU portfolio by an impressive 25 percent with the launch of these 12 high-performance microprocessors, combined with the addition of 10 ColdFire MCUs for entry-level applications," said Tony Massimini, chief of technology at Semico Research Corporation. “The MCF5445x devices" high level of performance at less than 400 mW is impressive makes them compelling solutions for power-sensitive applications that require flexible connectivity options."

The wide range of price, peripheral, power and performance options makes the MCF5445x family an ideal solution for consumer applications, such as network-attached storage and Ethernet gateways. The processor family also fits well in a broad array of embedded control applications, such as industrial control, embedded voice over IP (VoIP), factory automation, point-of-sale terminals, test and measurement equipment, and health care equipment.

“The MCF5445x family hits the sweet spot in value, performance and integration for 32-bit microprocessors," said Mike McCourt, vice president and general manager of Freescale"s Microcontroller Division. “Embedded system designers who previously thought this level of processing performance was unaffordable are now able to enhance their system designs by adding more performance and higher-speed connectivity."

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