Polls to be held on time : Koirala

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Kathmandu, Sep 26: Nepal Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has reiterated that the constituent assembly polls would be held as scheduled and asked the Maoists to rejoin the government.

The Prime Minister's statement assumes significance as uncertainty looms large over polls after the CPN-M quit the government in protest against the failure of the interim parliament to declare nation a republic before commencement of the electoral process and abolish monarchy.

The elections are scheduled to be held on November 22 this year and will pave the way for a Constituent Assembly to write a new constitution that will abolish monarchy from the Himalayan nation.

''Efforts to bring the Maoists back into the government were moving ahead positively,'' the Prime Minister said. Mr Koirala urged the media to work coherently to give the Constituent Assembly polls a completion.

''Media persons must be in favour of the change to institutionalise democracy,'' Kantipur quoted Mr Koirala as saying.

Meanwhile, Nepali Congress has proposed the model through which Indian President is elected for the election of head of state in the new constitution.

''The head of state in a future republic should be elected like Indian president by members of the Central and Provincial legislatures through a democratic process,'' a proposal tabled at the joint Maha Samiti meeting of the Nepali Congress said.

''So that the institution would be able to represent the linguistic, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of the country,'' it added.

''Symbol of national unity will not be a person or a position but an inclusive constitutional federal democratic system adopted by us,'' the manifesto stated.

''The mandate of Janaandolan- 2 was to end absolute monarchy and establish a complete democracy with people as the sovereign power,'' a local newspaper quoted the proposal as saying.

''Nepal be a federal democratic republic with the guarantee of all democratic rights and freedoms,'' the Maha Samiti proposed.

The abolition of monarchy is certain as all the major political parties have clearly stated that they would go for a Republican system in the new constititon.

Monarchy ruled the Himalayan nation almost in an autocratic manner for 239 years, but a pro-democracy movement picked up soon after King Gyanendra sacked the elected government twice and declared himself the Chairman of cabinet.

This resulted into massive violent demonstrations across the country compelling King Gyanendra to revive the parliament which severly curtailed his power and hold on the army.


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