Boy who flew to Moscow clinging plane's wing fears amputation

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Moscow, Sep 26 (UNI) Andrei Shcherbakov, the teenager from the Urals who survived a freezing two-hour flight to Moscow from Perm in the wheel well of a Boeing-737's wing, may lose his hands.

Russian newspaper Tvoi Den reported today the 15-year-old was taken back to Perm after a Moscow clinic refused to continue treating him, despite the severity of his injuries.

Doctors in the Urals city will have to remove the boy's fingertips, but will do everything possible to stop the gangrene spreading further, the paper reported.

After running away from home last week, hitching a ride to the airport, and clambering into the wheel well of the passenger plane, Shcherbakov survived temperatures hitting minus 50 degrees Celsius on a two-hour flight from Perm to Moscow's Vnukovo Airport.

The Boeing-737 has a cruising speed of 900 kmh.

Doctors said it was nothing short of a miracle that he survived the flight.

When the plane landed, Shcherbakov collapsed onto the tarmac.

His arms and legs were so severely frozen that rescuers were at first unable to remove his coat and shoes.

However, it still remains unclear how Andrei was able to climb on a plane wing unnoticed, and the Perm Airport security service is being asked some serious questions.


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