Kramnik held on to a draw, Anand continues to lead

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Mexico City, Sep 25 (UNI) The battle royale between World no 1 Viswanathan Anand and former World champion Vladimir Kramnik ended in a draw, clearing the way for the Indian Grandmaster's march towards the World championship title here.

Placed at a full point lead with only four more rounds to go in the Championships Anand eschewed all risks and agreed to the Russian Grandmaster proposal for a draw after a fierce battle lasting 41 moves.

The contest between Kramnik and championshup leader Anand was the key struggle of the 10th round of the World event.

Playing with black, Anand, replied with d5 to Kramnik's Queen pawn opening and after several moves the game was fought bitterly on the Queen's Gambit declined in the Semi-Slav variations.

Kramnik, desperately wanted to win this game at any cost because after his ninth round loss to Morozevich he has nothing to lose any more. Anand on the other hand needed a draw to keep his lead intact.

Kramnik came prepared to face Anand's sharp and aggressive opening lines and moved his pieces accordingly. However, he was not able to take any advantage of the white pieces.

The former World champion, Kramnik, found Anand's two pawn supported by his king inseperable. Anand, whose pawns ocupied all the important squares, could not find a way to nab the white king.

Apparently, Anand didn't want to risk his situation in such a good tournament, so when a draw was proposed by Kramnik, Anand happily accepted.

Taliking to UNI, Anand said, ''It was a very exciting game. Both of us went for the mainline which is very risky but than both of us have done a lot of work. Somehow you really can't hold back this sort of situation and when I found this trick with Nf4 I was very happy.'' ''I thought he is much worse already but I was getting too ambitious and when he (Kramnik) actually went for Qg7, Rd7, Qf8, I saw that my advantage is not as big as I thought. But than somehow I found this idea of Ne2 and I decided to give it a shot.'' ''But if I play Qd6 I think his best move would have been Qg7 and I have to project my pawn and I don't know if Qe7 really works and than I have to go back to d5 and I think a draw was a reasonable result here,'' Anand said.

In the another tables, Russian Peter Svidler and his compatriot Alexander Morozevich drew their game, while, Israeli Boris Gelfand also drew his game with Hungarian Grandmaster Peter Leko.

The Championship's youngest Grandmaster Levon Aronian registered his second win when he defeated Russian Grandmaster Alexander Grischuk in the 10th round game. With this win the Armenian, who lost two games won two and drew six games, is on five points to share the third place jointly with Kramnik and Leko.

Anand with 6.5 points is leading the pack, one solid point ahead of Boris Gelfand who is on 5.5 points.

Anand will now play with white pieces against Russian Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich in the next round.

Round 10 result: Vladimir Kramnik (5) drew with Viswanathan Anand (6.5) Boris Gelfand (5.5) drew with Peter Leko (4.5) Peter Svidler (3.5) drew with Alexander Morozevivich (4) Levon Aronian (5) beat Alexander Grischuk (4.5) Round 11 pairing: Viswanathan Anand vs Alexander Morozevich Boris Gelfand vs Peter Svidler Peter Leko vs Levon Aronian Alexander Grischuk vs Vladimir Kramnik UNI

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