Postpone survey of BPL families, of view of nomadic tribes migration

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Srinagar, 23 Sep (UNI) In view of the early migration of lakhs of Gujjars and Bakkarwals from the Himalayan regions to plains and warm areas, the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation (TRCF) has appealed to government to postpone survey of identifying Below Poverty Line (BPL) families in the state.

Dr Javaid Rahi, secretary of the TRCF, an organisation working for the welfare of the tribes in India, said owing to holy month of Ramzan, the Gujjars have already started their migration alongwith their livestock in the first week of this month.

The process of migration will be completed by the second week of next months, he said, appealing to the government to postpone the survey.

He said lakhs of Nomadic Gujjars and Bakkerwals are presently on move and under these circumstances their participation in the survey was not possible.

The process of this bi-yearly migration through seven Himalayan traditional routes will be completed in about a months time therefore conducting the survey now will be a futile exercise, he said and added that people from this tribe will be available for the survey from middle of next month.

As per the notification issued by Department of Economics and Statistics, the survey will be conducted in all the 22 districts of the State for identification of the people living under BPL.

Besides, the survey is contemplated to provide the information about the number of educated unemployed youths who are seeking employment besides the main aim of the survey is to formulate policies and plans for eradication of poverty.

Since, lakhs of Gujjars and Bakkerwals, who live Below Poverty Line (BPL), are presently on move from hills to plains, the government should postpone the survey or arrange a special survey for such nomadic tribe which constitute about 25 per cent of the states population, he said.

Dr Rahi said the Hindu and Buddhist Tribes of state which include Gaddi, Sippi, Borckpa and Changpa, presently on higher reaches of Shivalik and Zojila, will also not be available for such an important survey.


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