Pickle industry needs to be organised for export

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Ludhiana, Sep 20 (UNI) There is a great scope and potential for the Indian pickle industry only if it is organised in a proper manner and people are educated about the finer aspects of pickle making.

A report by Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) stated that during the year 2000-01, total production of pickles was 13645.16 metric tonnes and in 2002-03 the country earned Rs 154.16 lakh through exports. The exports could be doubled if provided efforts were made to organise the pickle industry.

Various kinds of Indian pickles are popular for exports, with mango pickle ranking at the top along with 'Pachranga'.

Pickles are being exported especially to West Asia countries.

However, by using little care and simple technology, pickles can be prepared and preserved for a long period, the report suggested.

The finer aspects of pickle making can boosting export of this delicacy from India.

In order to overcome bitter taste of pickles the report pointed out that spices should not be cooked for a long time and a low concentration of vinegar should be used. Strict hygienic practice and iron utensils be never used.

The scum formation in pickles occurs when mild yeast gains entry into the pickles. The problem can be overcome by adding acetic acid.

Regarding cloudiness in pickles, the report said this can be seen in onion pickles or where whole fruits or vegetables are the material for pickle making. It can be checked by using small and thin textured material for pickle making especially onions.

Blemishes in pickles can be seen in case of onion pickles and is due to some kind of fermentation. Such defect can be prevented by using fresh vinegar at the time of curing. Good quality oil and spices should be used for getting best flavour in pickles.


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