Centre spends Rs4032 lakh on dev. of adolescent girls in 2006-7

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New Delhi, Sept 17 (UNI) The Centre has released Rs 4916.66 lakh in 2005-6 and Rs 4032.01 lakh during 2006-7 for the Kishori Shakti Yojna, a programme for the development, nutrition and health status, literacy and numerical skills, vocational skills of adolescent girls in the age group of 11 to 18 years.

The Ministry of Women and Child Development is implementing the Kishori Shakti Yojana (KSY) scheme, using the infrastructure of Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) and in 2006-07 the scheme has been expanded from 2000 ICDS projects to all the 6118 projects.

Under the scheme, various programmatic options are available to the States/ Union Territories to selectively intervene for the development of the adolescent girls on the basis of specific needs of the area. This scheme also seeks convergence with schemes of the Health Department to improve the nutritional and health status of the Adolescent Girls.

Among states Andhra Pradesh spent Rs 386.1 lakh in 2005-6 and Rs 199.1 lakh in 2006-7, Arunachal Pradesh Rs 23.1 lakh and Rs 52.25 lakh respectively, Asom Rs 68.2 lakh and Rs 147.4 lakh, Bihar Rs 215.75 lakh and Rs 238.15 lakh, Chhattisgarh Rs 167.2 lakh and Rs 83.6 lakh, Goa Rs 1.1 lakh and Rs 11 lakh respectively.

Gujarat got Rs 249.7 from the centre in 2005-6 and Rs 124.3 lakh in 2006-7, Haryana Rs 127.6 lakh and Rs 63.8 lakh, Himachal Pradesh Rs 79.2 lakh and Rs 39.6 lakh, Jammu and Kashmir Rs 2.2 lakh and Rs 152.9 lakh, Jharkhand Rs 110 lakh and Rs 156.21 lakh, Karnataka Rs 203.5 lakh and Rs 101.75 lakh, Kerala Rs179.3 lakh and Rs 89.65 lakh, Madhya Pradesh Rs 257.4 lakh and Rs 346.3 lakh, Maharashtra Rs 409.2 lakh and Rs 204.6 lakh, Manipur Rs 15.4 lakh and Rs 21.9 lakh, Meghalaya Rs 35.2 lakh and Rs 23.45 lakh, Mizoram Rs 23.1lakh and Rs 23.1 lakh, Nagaland Rs 45.1 lakh and Rs 36.85 lakh respectively.

Orissa spent Rs 123.2 lakh and Rs 179.3lakh for year 2005-6 and Rs 2006-7 respectively, Punjab Rs 156.2 lakh and Rs 78.1 lakh, Rajasthan Rs 282.7 lakh and Rs 150.7 lakh, Sikkim, Rs 5.5 lakh and Rs 2.75 lakh, Tamil Nadu Rs 477.4 lakh and Rs 238.7 lakh, Tripura Rs 17.6 lakh and Rs 37.4 lakh, Uttar Pradesh Rs 900.9 lakh and Rs 933.9 lakh, Uttaranchal Rs 108.9 lakh and Rs 54.45 lakh and West Bengal Rs 226.6 lakh and Rs 196.9 lakh respectively for these two years.

Among union territories, Delhi received a substantial raise from Rs 3.3 lakh in 2005-6 to Rs 28.33 lakh in 2006-7 while Andaman and Nicobar Island got Rs 5.5 lakh each both the year, Chandigarh Rs 1.71 lakh and Rs 3.3 lakh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli Rs 1.1 lakh and Rs 0.55 lakh, Daman and Diu Rs 1.1 lakh and Rs 2.92 lakh, Lakshdweep Rs 1.1 lakh and Rs 0.55 lakh and Pondicherry Rs 5.5 lakh and Rs 2.75 lakh respectively.


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