Trai issues regulations on DLC to enhance consumers' choice

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New Delhi, Sep 14 (UNI) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) today issued regulation on Domestic Leased Circuits (DLC) to increase competition which will allow consumers to choose from a wider array of service providers and will make DLCs available at an affordable price.

The regulations would benefit service providers by opening up the possibility of meeting customers demand for end-to-end leased circuits by obtaining DLC or Local Lead from other service providers if need arises, TRAI said.

The provision of DLCs was earlier mandated through the ''Telecommunications Tariff (36th Amendment) Order, 2005'' which prescribes tariff ceilings for DLC, based on the distance and the data rate. Tariff ceilings for local leads and ports are also prescribed.

''As the tariff prescribed are in the nature of ceilings the service providers are allowed to offer discounts on a transparent and non-discriminatory basis. Mandation of provision of DLCs as contained in the said tariff order and its modalities were not covered by earlier regulations. This is being achieved through these Domestic Leased Circuit regulations released today,'' it said.

DLC are important elements in the telecom market that telecom service providers provide to connect two or more customer sites or customers to their own or other service providers networks. ITU defines Leased Circuit as 'a two-way link for the exclusive use of a subscriber regardless of the way it is used by the subscriber.

Leased circuit does not involve central office switching operations. Unlike broadband, a leased line is not contended or shared but delivers dedicated guaranteed bandwidth.

DLC could be set up as one or more point-to-point links or as Virtual Private Network (VPN). It may use terrestrial or satellite facilities, use any media copper, fiber or wireless and may be provided through passive links, circuit switched or packet switched network.


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