All games drawn on first day of World Championship

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Mexico City, Sep 14 (UNI) World Number One Viswanathan Anand drew his First Round game against Boris Gelfand of Israel and all thef other three games of the opening round of the world chess championship were also drawn.

The world's top eight grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik (Russia), Alexander Morozevich (Russia), Alexander Grischuk (Russia), Peter Svidler (Russia), Peter Leko (Hungary), Boris Gelfand (Israel) and Levon Aronian (Armenia) along with Anand (India) are competiting in a double round robin championship.

All players will play with their opponent twice in this 1.3 million dollars prize money championship for the World Chess Champions Title being played here at Hotel Sheraton Historico in Mexico City.

In the first round, Anand played against Gelfand. They have a long history of clashes on the board. Gelfand has won five games, but last of them was long time ago - at 1993 Biel Interzonal. Many games were drawn and the last classical game win for Anand was at 2006 Corus.

Before the start of the tournament, Anand was assigned as one of the biggest favourites to win the championship. In his first round game he decided to play his pet e4 move. On the other hand, Gelfand replied with e5 indicating that he will go for Petrof defense.

With his 5th Nc3 move Anand decided to have some tempo and to open d-file and c1-bishop. Thereafter a long castle and quick kingside assault followed. The line is not so deeply analysed, so there is room for surprises. Also, White exchanged one piece to release central pressure. However Anand overlooked and committed a mistake with b3. Later realizing his mistake and seeing the game slipping from his hand, the master craftsman quickly strengthened his pieces and finally was able to get a draw from Gelfand.

Speaking to UNI after the draw, Anand said, ''Though it was a short game it was very tense. I feel the b3 was a mistake on my part.

''Somehow I did not analyse the bishop b5 accurately. After that I still can play g4 and probably equalize the game but the plan that I played in the game, I think that many opposite color bishop endings which can be much worse for me especially in the final position if he had played his Rook,'' Anand stated.

''I am not sure I could have saved the game. I thought I found the way and we both saw some variations but it was not clear. I am happy with this draw,'' he added.

Anand will play with the black pieces against Levon Aronian in the second round.

The second game of the championship played between Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Svidler also ended in a draw.

Kramnik playing with white pieces opend his game with Nf3 to which his compatriot Peter Svidler replied with d5 and after some moves the game was fought on Queens Gambit Declined, Semi Slav variation. On the 23rd move, both the players realized that there is nothing left in the game and signed peace.

The remaining two games also ended in draws. Alexander Morozevich drew with Levon Aronian on the 25th move and Alexander Grischuk drew with Peter Leko after playing 28 moves.

Round 2 Pairing: Levon Aronian vs Viswanathan Anand Peter Svidler vs Peter Leko Boris Gelfand vs Alexander Grischuk Vladimir Kramnik vs Alexander Morozevich UNI

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