Kafeel identified; Police grill doctor's family

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Bangalore, July 6: The identity of Kafeel Ahmed, the alleged driver of the blazing jeep involved in the aborted attack of Glasgow airport, was today confirmed by the Bangalore police with the family of Sabeel Ahmed admitting the elder's name.

The family members of Sabeel and Kafeel were grilled by the police here today with their Mother Zakhia Ahmed informing the police about Kafeel, who was a Ph D student in London. Sabeel was nabbed by the Police in Liverpool.

Meanwhile, an advocate hired by the family, today took the Mother of Ahmed brothers, Zakhia Ahmed and their sister Sadia Kauser to an undisclosed place.

The house has become a target for Mediapersons, with various television channels, pitching tent in front of it with OB Bans.

Ms Zakhia, who earlier had denied that she had a son by name Kafeel, said to have told policemen that she indeed had a another son by that name and he was a PhD student in England. She reportedly conceded that her elder son's name was Kafeel Ahmed and hoped that the one who rammed the jeep into Glasgow airport was not him.

In the morning, City Crime Bureau DCP S R Ravikante Gowda and two other officers including a woman visited the house of the doctors family and questioned the mother and daughter for over two hours.

The two advocates, appointed by the family, came back today morning and stayed with the family before one of them took the mother and sister, a student in medecine in Kolar, about 70 km from the city, to an undisclosed spot in the afternoon. The father, who was not keeping good health stayed back in the house.

While the advocate said that they were being taken away from the media glare which had affected them badly, reports said the police had summoned them for questioning.

28-year-old Kafeel, the eldest sibbling of the Ahmeds, who are also doctors by profession, reportedly made the last telephone call to his mother on June 30 and said he was working on a confidential project and will be able to communicate.

Kafeel, a meciahincal engineering graduate from UBDT Engineering College in Davangere in this state, had secured fourth rank in the university. The two brothers had come to the city two months ago on a personal visit had left the city separately in a span of one week.

Meanwhile, the family of Mohammad Haneef, the other suspect in the case belonging to the city and arrested in Brisbane, spent a peaceful day with media glare focussed on the Ahmed family.


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